Vectra Consulting - The Team

We are a group of trained, experienced and highly motivated professionals based in the heart of downtown London Ontario, Canada.

If you browse our site and learn about our methodical approach to every project, you will discover that software cost overruns, communication problems and poorly designed software code are non-existent in Vectra's environment.

Our strict adherence to ISO 9003 and IEEE standards combined with our experience within the industry reduce project risks well below the industry norm. Our developers will work closely with you to create interactive, database driven, web-based solutions to help your organization gain a competitive edge. Our objectives:

  1. To be recognized and sought out as the best application development consultants due to:
    • The soundness of our recommendations
    • The consistent, formal process of our solution path
    • Our uncompromising search for excellence
    • Our adherence to IEEE and ISO 9003 standards
  2. Sustain a stable level of growth while maintaining our reputation as a high quality development firm. (Proper training is a priority)
  3. To establish a solid market base and increase market share for each of our upcoming products.

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